Rachel Wada


Rachel Wada - Illustrated Portrait.png

Nice to meet you!

My name is Rachel Wada and I am a freelance illustrator & designer based in Vancouver, BC.

My identity as Japanese-Cantonese, as an immigrant, and as a woman, all informs my art. Through my artistic practice, I try to to put my own spin on traditional techniques and motifs inspired by my mixed cultural background.

I create illustrations anywhere illustrations are needed - from publishing, books, magazines, online media, children’s books and more! I also have a soft spot for silkscreen printing, which combines my love of print and paper.

I am currently available for freelance projects! 
Contact: rachelwada@gmail.com

Selected clients :  Airbnb Magazine | Avenue Calgary & Edmonton | Capilano Courier | Discorder Magazine | Exclaim Magazine | Feathertale Review | Half Full Guides | ION Magazine | LENNY LETTER |  Ricepaper Magazine | SAD Magazine | This Magazine | Uncovered Classics |