Rachel Wada


Hi! I'm Rachel.
I am an illustrator & designer from Vancouver, B.C.

I love to tell stories through drawing, and capture thoughts and emotions visually in a way that words cannot. I create things that combine my love of both traditional and new media. 

Being a trans-national, mixed heritage migrant raised by a Japanese mother and Cantonese father, the concepts and constructs of culture, language and identity has impacted me since a young age.
As a result, my body of work tends to focus on these ideas regarding identity, and how that shapes our world and our relationships to each other.

Select Clients: CHAU VEGGIEXPRESS, Phnom Penh Restaurant, Hair by Cynthia Lee, Ricepaper Magazine, Ion Magazine

Selected Exhibitions & Events:
2016 Emily Carr Alumni Art Fair Vendor, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, B.C. 
2016 Ashes, Ashes, It All Falls Down, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, B.C.
2016 Vancouver Comic Arts Festival Vendor, Yaletown Roundhouse Community Center, Vancouver, B.C.
2016 The 7th Annual CARDED! Show, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, B.C. 
2015 Boobies and Wieners Show, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, B.C.
2015 VANCOUVER: INTERPRETED, The FALL Tattooing & Artists Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
2015 It's A Sheep Show, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, B.C.